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Keywords: Shanxi market; Taiyuan market; Taiyuan all-in-one machine market; Acer; az3620; I3 2120 processor; 21.5 inches; 500GB hard disk; 4GB memory; 1GB video memory; Acer az3620 (I3 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) is a full-function computer, equipped with an intuitive 21.5-inch display, the new appearance brings you a different feeling and lights up your digital life. To learn more about it products quotation, please pay attention to pconline Taiyuan station. [return to the home page of Taiyuan market] recently, the recommended dealer of the machine in pconline: Taiyuan Ziniu Technology (0351-5269529; 13603517755; QQ: 2767525562; 2211962887), the latest price is 3900 yuan (special)! Interested netizens can aws architect certification get in touch with businesses, when buying mentioned Pacific Taiyuan station can also enjoy special discounts! Acer az3620 (I3 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) photo evaluation forum quotation online purchase price Acer az3620 (I3 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) uses fully enclosed base elements in the front bracket, which makes the appearance more simple, stable and atmospheric, and it is matched with golden ratio silver decorative strip to perfectly separate the window and functional areaIt's more comfortable in vision. The simple appearance of pure black is a strand of silver, which also avoids the old-fashioned design of pure black and makes it more dynamic. It adopts the mainstream 21.5-inch display screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and supports HD playback. Acer az3620 (I3 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) image evaluation forum quotation net purchase price Acer az3620 (I3 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) adopts Intel Core I3 2120 processor, 3.3GHz main frequency, 3M three-level cache, Intel H61 motherboard chipset. Equipped with 4GB DDR3 1333 memory and 500GB SATA hard disk, built-in DVD recorder, support DVD super multi double-layer recording. The independent graphics card of AMD radon HD 7350 with 1GB video memory is adopted. Built in 10-100-1000m network card, 802.11b/g/n wireless network card, with headphone output interface, microphone port, HDMI interface, VGA input interface, USB port, network card port. Pconline product library - Specifications brand Acer model az3620 (I3 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) processor Intel Core I3 2120 memory capacity 4GB hard disk capacity 500g optical drive type DVD recorder built-in camera built-in camera network card built-in 10-100-1000m network card wireless communication 802.11 B / g / N wireless network card external interface, headphone output interface, microphone port, HDMI interface, VGA input interface, USB port, network card port, product link// .cn/easy_ PC / Acer / 513515.htmlit online shopping real price more details picture quotation parameters comparison netizen comments comment · 2120 / 4GB / 500GB) has a 21.5-inch display and a 16:9 wide screen ratio, which is very suitable for watching movies and TV plays. Related reading: tips: welcome to pay attention to Pacific computer network Taiyuan station (// . CN /), we strive to provide you with the most timely IT market report! If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. We will serve you wholeheartedly. You are welcome to provide us with valuable opinions. At the same time, you are welcome to pay more attention to our microblog: and join our QQ group: 192909432. Cooperation website alliance: Hengshui hotline Cixian online Pingshan hotline Dingzhou online Shenzhou online Yongnian online Zhuozhou online Luquan online Zhaozhou OnlineGaocheng online, Gucheng online, we welcome you! [business quotation]: Acer az3620 (I3 2120 aws professional certification / 4GB / 500GB) 3900 yuan [quoting business]: Taiyuan Ziniu technology [business address]: 136-12, nanneihuan street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province (diagonally opposite the north school of the University of Finance and Economics) [contact number]: 0351-5269529; aws certified cloud practitioner practice exam 13603517755; QQ: 2767525562; 2211962887 [online store address] / / m [quotation inquiry]: Taiyuan desktop quotation [quotation inquiry] Inquiry: Taiyuan Desktop Market